SITUATIONS 2019-2019


En la primera publicación del sello Wet Dreams Records, Sofía Bertomeu nos propone 15 situaciones de su existencia en forma de expresiones sonoras, influenciadas en gran parte por obras literarias
ensayísticas en conjunción con experiencias vividas personales que la han inspirado a lo largo de los años 2018 y 2019.

Piezas que nos muestran a una Sofía Bertomeu en una clara expansión de su conciencia, las cuales podemos catalogar dentro de los géneros más experimentales del Ambient o del Dark Ambient, enriquecidos con toques Noise, encontrando incluso ritmos Techno bajo una estética de Musique Concrète.

Wet Dreams Records releases its first publication in physical format, where the Spanish multi-disciplinary artist Sofía Bertomeu proposes 15 situations of her existence in the form of sound expressions, mostly influenced by literary essays in conjunction with personal experiences that have inspired her over 2018 and 2019.

Some pieces that show a person in a clear expansion of her consciousness, which we can catalog within the most experimental music genres such as Ambient or Dark Ambient, enriched with some Noise nuances, and even finding some Techno rhythms under the aesthetics of Musique Concrète.

«This is Situations (2018-2019) on Wet Dreams Records by Spanish multi-disciplinary artist Sofía Bertomeu, and it’s unchartered territory. Made up on truncated beats, and a ton of atmospheric elements it becomes a glorious maze of spatial realities. At one moment you are listening to tonal vibrations, the next you are led down a path of Bertomeu’s sounds of nature with ambient pulsations, then into hollow percussion with sonic echo, and still you conclude with modern techno elements alongside asymmetrical observations. She’s developed a secret recipe worthy of many a spoonful.»


released September 6, 2019


Sofía Bertomeu : www.sofia-bertomeu.com

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